I recently had a very bad experience with another H-D dealer in Marietta, that dealer had my cvo for 31 days to replace a water pump and when they were done with there half assed job they gave me my cvo back incomplete, they said they couldnt get the pump cover back on the bike, I got tired of looking at there piss poor workmanship and put the bike on my lift and discovered the problem, they bundled the harness and used 6 tie wraps to attach it any hose they could find. After I spent 30 min cutting off there mess and rerouting the harness I realized they removed the tabs on the pump cover to try to rig the repair. I at that point notified Harley Davidson Motor Company, they told me to take it to another dealer to take a look. I chose Harley of Atlanta (10 miles further from my home) thankfully I took pictures of my experience with the first dealer. H-D of Atlanta took a look at my bike to make sure the job was done correctly including my rerouting the harness, they agreed the cover was hacked and needed to be replaced, they spoke to MoCo and ordered me a new cover at no cost to me. I should have gone to H-D of Atlanta to start with, they are 10 miles further from my home but they are well worth the trip. Ride on!
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Mike Leonhardt
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