Best Experience I could have hoped for
The Dynamic Duo. I attended the academy back in Sept, 2020. I had no previous riding experience which was more than obvious when I didn't know how to turn my bike on, let alone what all the gadgets were for. Short story by day 2, I was speaking rider lingo and I could actually take off without the bike stalling on me. There was great chemistry between the two the entire time. They completed each others skills and techniques in the class room as well as on the course. Both were very reassuring, patient and understanding. Always ready to give that boost of confidence needed when you thought you could not go any farther. During class time, they were very thorough and quite knowledgeable on any and every thing you needed to know about safety and riding. Today, I am actually riding and venturing out on my own believe it or not. I just took my first road trip; about a 4 hour drive total. I can still hear the little things shared by Sharon and Ronnie that made the difference for me to become a safe rider but never forgetting to have fun. Thanks to Sharon and Ronnie I'm Rollin down the Hwy Riding like the Wind Thanks for everything. (Employee: Sharon Francisco, Ronnie Lang)
Tanda Phillips
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