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We own an Ultra Classic that has been serviced by this store for several years now. My husband took an immediate liking to Brian and always asked for him every time he needed work done on the bike. In April this year, my husband unexpectedly passed. In trying to organize his memorial, I contacted Brian just to see if he knew of a way I could get my husband's bike to the memorial service for display. Immediately, Brian checked with management who gave him full clearance to help in any and every way he could. And that, he did. Not only did Brian come and pick up the bike, but he cleaned it up and brought it to the service, stayed at the service and then trailered it back! I was taking a chance on asking for this kind of help and was blown away at the generous and kind response Brian, his co-workers and his management extended toward me out of respect for my husband! This store is staffed with kind and generous people. This goes over and beyond typical customer service and I will not only maintain my loyalty to this store for service, but will tell this story to anyone who is looking for an HD store for HD products and service! Thank you Brian and Atlanta Harley Davidson! What you did will never be forgotten! (Employee: Brian Eubanks)
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Lori Cano
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