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For 38 years I've heard by husband say he wanted to own a Harley. For 38 years I've told him he would have to have someone teach him how to ride. When we looked into this course I told him I thought I wanted to take it too. So we signed up. We had no idea what to expect but the first night of the class Phillip made us so comfortable that I knew we made the right choice. Passing the written test was worrisome but we did it! Saturday morning we entered a whole new world for me. I had never been anything but a passenger on a bike although my family always had Harley Davidson motorcycles. I went through every exercise learning to build on the previous skill - bumps, bruises and even laying the bike down three times - Phillip did nothing but encourage me to continue. Being the only woman in our four person class I felt a little inept but none of my classmates made me feel that way. Making it through the skills test was so liberating - I did something I never dreamed I even wanted to do or even thought I could. It never would have been possible without Phillip there telling me to ride my own ride. THANK YOU PHILLIP - it was hard work but we did have fun....................just like you said! (Employee: Phillip Ellington)
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Laura Matlock
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