Always top notch service.
Ray always takes time to go over my bike and any issues I may be having. Not just the yeah ok you might get at another dealership. Makes you know that he will take care of any needs I have on my bike. He makes you feel like he's glad to see you come in the door and is there to take care of whatever issue you have. Ernie did the work on my bike and he talked to me to make sure what issues I was having with the bike. He went out of his way to contact HD Tech services to talk over the problem and made sure it was corrected perfectly. Very pleased with the whole trip for service on my bike. It's nice to know when you visit the service department at HD Atlanta that the whole experience is done by professionals that know what they are doing and you know that when you drive out all the issues you had have been fixed correctly and not just a patch job done on it. Jerry McCain (Employee: Ray Sullivan, Ernest Davison)
Jerry McCain
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