Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!
'98 Sporty, Repurchased my bike from the guy who I sold it to just over a year ago because he kept getting in trouble with it and needed cash. I found out he had stripped it down to even under the bear minimum of equipment. After telling the guy to put it back together the 'best' he could, he said he had put on a 'car' tire on the rear wheel. Because of the tire, I decided to get a new set of tires for the ol' girl. I called the Service Dept at AHD and spoke to Ray because I wanted to make sure AHD would work on a 21 year old bike. Ray said they would work on it and said he had availability the next morning. I brought it inthis morning and in A few hours later, the she has a new set of tires and was washed cleaner than than when I brought it in. Thank You Ray for coordinating (and to anyone who touched) my Sporty. Whenever I am in the area and If I need any Service done to any of my 6 HD's, I'll be Back!!!! (Employee: Ray Sullivan)
GB Barr
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